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How We Got Started

Mac's Little Cars started as an, a dream, back in 2004.  After over 20 years of collecting and always having to chase the rare pieces and then usually end up having to pay for the car from someone who only bought it to resell at an inflated profit and dealing with "dealers" who were doing the same thing, we started Mac's Little Cars.  The idea was to sell the cars we all love so much at decent prices and make them easy to find.  Through this time we made wonderful friends and had great times.  Then, in 2008, life stepped in, forcing the choice to either continue with MLC or progress forward in with a career choice (Professional Land Surveyor), Land Surveying won.  As time moved on, we always harbored hope to resume being able to step back into my dream of helping the true collectors to get the cars they want and to get back into the more regular contact with all the friends we have made over the years.

So, here we are!  To those of you who we have known for years, very happy to be back!  To the new collectors, I hope we can become the trusted supplier of your collection!

Sherry & Rob